A fuel pressure regulator helps maintain the fuel pressure in the Electronic Fuel Injection System. If the system needs more fuel pressure, the fuel pressure regulator allows more fuel to go to the engine. This is important because that is how the fuel gets to the injectors. Blocking the pass-through to the fuel tank off completely, the fuel pump will try to force too much fuel into the injectors which will cause them to fail and you will end up needing another auto repair service.


How Do I Know If I Need a New Fuel Pressure Regulator?

1.Your Car Misfires

One of the most common signs that there is an issue with your fuel pressure regulator is that your vehicle misfires because this means the fuel pressure is off. Your vehicle may also lose fuel efficiency and have many other issues. So if your vehicle is misfiring, we recommend getting it checked out by one of our mobile mechanics so we can properly diagnose the issue.

2.Fuel Starts Leaking

Sometimes a fuel pressure regulator will leak fuel if it is not working properly. You might see fuel leaking out of the tailpipe, this means your fuel pressure regulator is leaking and this happens when one of the seals breaks. As a result of the leaking fluid, you car won’t be performing it’s best and this also becomes a safety concern.

3.There’s Black Smoke Coming From the Exhaust

If your fuel pressure regulator isn’t working well internally, it might expel thick black smoke out of the tailpipe. This is another issue that you can’t self diagnose so if you see black smoke coming out of your tailpipe, contact with us!!!


Post time: Feb-07-2022