How do motorcycle brakes work? It’s actually pretty simple! When you press the brake lever on your motorcycle, fluid from the master cylinder is forced into the caliper pistons. This pushes the pads against the rotors (or discs), causing friction. The friction then slows down the rotation of your wheel, and eventually brings your motorcycle to a stop.

Most motorcycles have two brakes – a front brake and a rear brake. The front brake is usually operated by your right hand, while the rear brake is operated by your left foot. It’s important to use both brakes when stopping, as using just one can cause your motorcycle to skid or lose control.

Applying the front brake on its own will result in weight being transferred to the front wheel, which could cause the back wheel to lift off the ground. This is generally not recommended unless you’re a professional rider!

Applying the rear brake on its own will slow down the back wheel before the front, causing your motorcycle to nose dive. This is also not recommended, as it could lead to you losing control and crashing.

The best way to stop is to apply both brakes at the same time. This will evenly distribute the weight and pressure, and help you slow down in a controlled manner. Remember to squeeze the brakes slowly and gently at first, until you get a feel for how much pressure is needed. Pressing too hard too quickly could cause your wheels to lock up, which could lead to a crash. If you need to stop quickly, it’s best to use both brakes simultaneously and apply firm pressure.

However, if you do find yourself in an emergency situation, it’s better to use the front brake more. This is because more of your motorcycle’s weight is shifted to the front when you brake, giving you more control and stability.

When you’re braking, it’s important to keep your motorcycle upright and steady. Leaning too far to one side could cause you to lose control and crash. If you need to brake around a corner, make sure you slow down before the turn – never in the middle of it. Taking a turn at high speed while braking can also lead to a crash.


Post time: May-20-2022