What will happen if the fuel filter is not replaced for a long time?
When driving the car, consumables must be regularly maintained and updated. Among them, a very important category of consumables is fuel filters. Since the fuel filter has a longer service life than the oil filter, some careless users may forget to replace this part. So what will happen if the fuel filter is dirty, let's have a look.

Anyone who has a little knowledge of automobile fuel system knows that if the fuel filter is not replaced for a long time, the engine will have problems such as difficulty in starting or power drop due to insufficient fuel supply. However, the disadvantages caused by the overdue use of the fuel filter are far more than the above-mentioned situations. if the fuel filter fails, it will endanger the fuel pump and injector!

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Influence to fuel pump
First of all, if the fuel filter works over time, the filter holes of the filter material will be blocked by impurities in the fuel, and the fuel will not flow smoothly here. Over time, the driving parts of the fuel pump will be damaged due to long-term high-load operation, shortening the life. The continuous operation of the fuel pump under the condition that the oil circuit is blocked will cause the motor load in the fuel pump to continue to increase.

The negative effect of long-term heavy-load operation is that it generates a lot of heat. The fuel pump radiates heat by sucking fuel and allowing the fuel to flow through it. The poor fuel flow caused by the clogging of the fuel filter will seriously affect the heat dissipation effect of the fuel pump. Insufficient heat dissipation will reduce the working efficiency of the fuel pump motor, so it needs to output more power to meet the fuel supply demand. This is a vicious circle that will significantly shorten the life of the fuel pump.

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Influence to the fuel injection system
In addition to affecting the fuel pump, fuel filter failure can also damage the engine's fuel injection system. If the fuel filter is replaced for a long time, the filtering effect will become poor, causing a lot of particles and impurities to be carried by the fuel to the engine fuel injection system, causing wear.

An important part of the fuel injector is the needle valve. This precision part is used to block the fuel injection hole when fuel injection is not needed. When the needle valve is opened, fuel containing more impurities and particles will squeeze through it under the action of high pressure, which will cause wear and tear on the mating surface between the needle valve and the valve hole. The matching accuracy requirements here are very high, and the wear of the needle valve and valve hole will cause the fuel to drip into the cylinder continuously. If things go on like this, the engine will sound an alarm because the mixer is too rich, and the cylinders with severe dripping even may also misfire.

In addition, the high content of fuel impurities and poor fuel atomization will cause insufficient combustion and produce a large amount of carbon deposits in the combustion chamber of the engine. A part of the carbon deposits will adhere to the nozzle hole of the injector that extends into the cylinder, which will further affect the atomization effect of the fuel injection and form a vicious cycle.

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Post time: Oct-19-2021