1.Does the brake hose have a regular replacement time?
There is no fixed replacement cycle for the brake oil hose (brake fluid pipe) of a car, which depends on the usage. This can be checked and maintained in the daily inspection and maintenance of the vehicle.
The brake oil pipe of a car is another important link in the brake system. Since the brake oil pipe needs to transfer the brake fluid of the master cylinder to the brake cylinder in the active suspension assembly, it is divided into hard pipes that do not need to be moved. And the flexible hose, the hard tube part of the brake hose of the original car is made of a special metal tube, which has an ideal strength. The brake hose part is generally made of rubber hose containing nylon and metal wire mesh. During continuous braking or multiple sudden brakes, the hose will expand and the brake fluid pressure will drop, which will affect the braking performance, accuracy and reliability, especially for vehicles with ABS anti-lock braking system, the brake hose may have continuous expansion points to damage the brake hose and then it need to be replaced in time.

2.What if the brake hose happens to the oil leaking when driving?
1) Broken brake tubing:
If the brake tubing is less ruptured, you can clean the rupture, apply soap and block it with cloth or tape, and finally wrap it with iron wire or string
2) Broken brake oil pipe:
If the brake oil pipe breaks, we can connect it with a hose of similar caliber and tie it with an iron wire, and then go to the repair shop for repair immediately.

3.How to prevent oil leaking on brake hose?
Attention should be paid to prevent oil leakage of auto parts:
1) Check and maintain the seal ring and rubber ring on auto parts on time
2) Screws and nuts on auto parts should be tightened
3) Prevent high-speed passing through potholes and avoid scraping the bottom to damage the car oil shell

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